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Mobile eLearning Conversion

Convert your eLearning to Mobile

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Nowadays, everything – and we mean everything – is mobile. And our mobile devices aren’t limited to just making phone calls or uploading a picture of yourself in a cat suit to social media. The number and capabilities of mobile devices are about to dwarf computers and your organization will have to take off the training wheels.

Whether you’re ready for the mobile revolution or not, we’re ready, willing, and 100% able to get you on the bandwagon. We can help assess your needs, mobile user base, device types – and come up with a plan of action to either convert your old library of (say Flash) training or anything not mobile compatible into a course that works on all platforms and devices.

We also have the capability to create custom apps for iTunes and Android – this works well for sales demos and product interactions, or simple marketing pieces you can send out to prospective buyers.

IT breathing down your neck to convert? Someone just shout down the hallway “FLASH IS DEAD!”? Well, maybe it’s time to go mobile! Get in touch today and we can start talking over the steps towards digital freedom.


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