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By eric

7 good reasons why eLearning is so important for your organization

On 07, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In eLearning | By eric

elearning should be embraced – so start embracing!

There are so many great ways for companies to train their employees.  Instructor-Led-Training is the traditional approach.  But what about when your work force is staggered and spread out.  One of the best ways to provide “Just-In-Time” training is eLearning.  For those organizations that haven’t considered eLearning as a part of their training arsenal yet, here are some compelling reasons to do so:

1) Cost ImpactLet’s face it, training costs money, time and resources.  When you have a long-term eLearning strategy in place, you open up the possibility of decreasing costs on multiple frontscost printed material, onsite instructors, travel time, etc.

2) AccessibilityIt’s great when you can do things on your own schedule.  Accessibility is a great thing.  When employees can access training for their positions on their free time, it gives them the flexibility to accomplish what they need to do for their position.  Mobile accessibility is another great addition to increased access to learning.

3) Employee Turnover ReductionA properly informed employee, with the added confidence of job knowledge and retention, ensures the success of the employee’s performance.  It also helps motive them.  This, in-hand, reduces the chances of turnover and has a positive impact on the cost of training and hiring.

4) Employee ProductivityeLearning enables employees to have access to the material they need and helps them do what they need to perform. If your employees are better prepared and confident of their abilities to perform, their productivity increases.  That’s a good thing, right?

5) Relevant TrainingOne of the great benefits of an effective eLearning strategy is the fact that you can update the learning material quickly and efficiently from one place.  Once the material has been updated, you can quickly let everyone know about the update.  It’s relevant and timely, because it’s always up-to-date, hopefully.

6) Blended ApproachWhen you combine Instructor-Led-Training with eLearning, you create a feeling of harmony, or what a lot of people refer to as Blended Learning.  Reinforcement from the classroom helps the virtual nature of training, and vice-versa.  This is a good example of what the “Best of Both Worlds” is all about.

7) ReinforcementSpeaking of reinforcement, eLearning helps reinforce what is being learned and used on a daily basis.  The benefit of having access to the information regularly helps reinforce the knowledge needed to be successful at one’s job.

There are a number of additional reasons eLearning is important to an organization (large or small), but these are some of my favorite reasons.

– Michael J. Dant, July 7, 2015


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