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About Clearly Trained

eLearning Brilliance Isn’t Born Overnight

Clearly Trained eLearning Solutions Headquarters
Some would describe us as the rock stars of e-Learning (minus the big hair) — we like to describe ourselves as creative luchadores. No matter what your description of Clearly Trained is two things reign true: we have a tradition of being scruffy and the quality of our work in developing e-learning solutions is unparalleled. Historical records show that because of our dedication to world class creative, we don’t just blow our clients away, we also leave our competitors sulking in their cubicles mumbling, “I wish I had made that.”

The Clearly Trained Story

Founder, Creative Director, and Ohio native, Eric Bort, long saw the potential of e-Learning in the business ecosystem (since 1998 to be exact — when employees had to suffer through bad training videos.)

So one day, Eric spent all afternoon at his “exciting” technical training job making a cartoon of two monsters fighting (for the record, the purple monster won), and then spent all evening at his second job (something to do with hovercrafts) watching a mandatory (and colossally dull) training video on VHS. The video featured extremely bad acting, in extremely bad attire, showing extremely bad employees how to do their jobs. The session ended with the trainer handing out a manual, which nobody in the room planned to read. It was at that time that Eric thought, “This would be so much better as an online interactive activity. Heck, even the purple monster would get better results.”

Ding Ding Ding!

The light bulb went on, and Eric began his mission to give corporate training and e-Learning a healthy shot in the arm. His passion resulted in Clearly Trained. The goal then, as now, is to enhance e-Learning, corporate training, and personal development through the use of technology.

Over the years Eric grew his company from a measly one man show to a gigantic exposition center of creative possibility (in other words, a five man show). Notable clients like World Vision, Bombardier, and Starbucks have all tasted the secret to great e-Learning – and that secret is Clearly Trained.

So, stop pulling your hair out — help has arrived.


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