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The Clearly Trained Team

Five Reasons to Fall In Love… With eLearning

Our team is made up of four of the most talented individuals in the eLearning industry today. With over half a century of combined classroom training and eLearning development experience, we have provided services for some of the most well-known companies in history. We enjoy air conditioning, great music, and those with a sense of humor. Whether you’re a future client or employee, we’re sure you’ll say that working with us is like working with the family you’d choose if you had the choice.

Eric Bort, Founder/Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director Eric Bort

This is Eric. Not only is he the creative wizard behind the Clearly Trained curtain, he’s also the only member of the team that can stick to a diet and workout regimen. While his leadership has played an integral part of the success of the company, because of his Hulk-like strength he is considered by many to be a ‘double threat’ to the eLearning industry (triple, if you count his good looks). As the winner of numerous national design and educational awards, Eric has cemented his place in eLearning lore for years to come.

Eric holds a BFA in Interactive Media from the Columbus College of Art & Design.


Matt Hicks, Sr. Interactive Developer

Sr. Interactive Developer Matt Hicks

While Matt is the quiet, humble warrior of the team, it’s been his perseverance and dedication to learning new technology that has kept Clearly Trained at the forefront of the eLearning industry. His attitude, work ethic, and design prowess are only eclipsed by his exceptional illustration and animation skills.

In case you’re wondering, a typical day for Matt includes listening to Justin Bieber, pondering the mysteries of Adobe products, fighting crime, and making clients happy. As the only Android smartphone user on the team, it’s also safe to say he’s a Googlist.

Matt proudly holds a BS in Informatics from Indiana University.

Derek Carr, Interactive Developer

Interactive Developer Derek Carr

Derek is not just the baldest member of our team, he’s also a Japanese sword enthusiast, drinker of coffee, and one of the most outstanding environment artists since Bob Ross. When he’s not crafting masterpieces in the third-dimension or forcing people to use his code snippets, you can usually find him doing one of the three G’s — gardening, grilling or gaming.

As our resident pixel perfectionist, he prides himself in creating designs that go well beyond our client’s expectations.

Derek received an AAS in Multimedia from ITT Technical Institute.


Jon Stepro, Interactive Developer

Jon Stepro

Born with the super power to identify every model of car ever made, rugged good looks (think Harrison Ford) and a fondness for chai tea, Jon brings over 18 years of development experience to the Clearly Trained team. He also brings a bit of gray hair.

When he isn’t exercising his skills as a designer and all-around tech guy, Jon is either contemplating the next old car he’s going to take apart or trying to keep up with his two teenagers. He has the proud distinction of owning the world’s worst Chihuahua.

Jon has a B.A. in Visual Communication from Purdue University and an M.A. in Art from Indiana State University.


Brett Schlagel, Interactive Developer

 Brett Schlagel

Forging his skills within the great halls of Valhalla, Brett is a bearded Storyline brute who smells of lavender and has a soft-spot for infant pandas.

His work having been dubbed “ingenious” by the creators of the programs themselves, Brett brings a great deal of Articulate talent to the team with years of experience developing only the best of courses using Storyline, Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker, not to mention his knack at creating intriguing and inventive games using the software, as well.

When he is not creating outstanding or even mind-blowing (as some would say) courses, Brett can be found sneaking up on fainting goats, raising phartophobia awareness, and or reminiscing about his long-haired heavy metal band days.