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What does Clearly Trained do?

We develop world-class eLearning and interactive simulations for some of the largest companies on Earth. Of course, you don’t have to be a large company to work with us. It sounds impressive to list big brands, and indeed, we work with a ton of well-known names, but we also want Joe from Joe’s Fly-Fishing Lures to feel comfortable talking to us about a marketing simulation for the big fishing convention.


What do your services cost?

As we focus primarily on custom development, each project is priced individually. However, our rates are very competitive and we are always happy to provide you with an initial estimate free of charge.


What areas do you serve?

While we are based in Louisville, Kentucky, our reach is as far as the Internet allows. We are able to work for anyone, anywhere, and at any time (and yes, we will travel to you if needed). For example, some of our clients’ locations include the United States, France, Canada and even Saudi Arabia. Now with the Mars rovers beaming back stuff from Mars, we can probably get stuff there as well. Your location is not a problem.


What size companies/organizations do you work with?

All sizes. Since our work can be distributed to an unlimited number of people, the effort to develop custom eLearning courseware that will be viewed by 60 people is not much different than making one that will be viewed by 600,000. Truth be told, we have worked for some of the largest and most prolific companies in the world. In addition, at the same time we have worked for small, local startups.


What are the hardware and software requirements for your work?

In our experience, hardware and software requirements are minimal. Nearly any computer five years old or newer with multimedia (e.g., Adobe Flash, JavaScript, etc.) capability can handle our custom eLearning courseware. We are also more than willing to work within your Learning Management System (LMS) or assist you in finding an adequate solution.


What is the process for an average project?

The first thing you do is contact us and tell us in general terms what you are looking for. We will discuss your needs, our capabilities, and make a plan to develop your custom project. Once we define exactly what needs to be done (and provide you with a quote), we work on turning your vision into a reality. We will storyboard the ideas, make doubly certain it fits your needs, and then produce your finished product.

We can handle everything if you wish – you can come to us with an idea scribbled on a napkin, give us your requirements/parameters, and then just sit back and we will make it work. Alternatively if you want to storyboard everything and be very involved, we’re fine with that as well. For a detailed look into our typical project process, click here.


How difficult is it to make changes to my content after production?

Not difficult at all. In fact, we expect your eLearning courseware to grow and change with your organization. We are happy to set up maintenance packages, or you can simply pay by the hour when you have new information or revisions to make on your content. Either way works for us!


Do you create mobile applications and similar?

Absolutely. We are interactive developers who are completely comfortable with iOS/Android applications, marketing videos, and more! Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to discuss what we can do.


Can we license or resell your illustrated characters?

While we appreciate your appreciation for our work, our animated characters are 100% custom illustrated and animated for our clients. Because our clients personally pay for the characters, they are not available for licensing or resell.


We’re an agency and need help; can we outsource development to you?

Sure thing! We’ve taken on the role of a “Virtual Interactive Design Department” — acting as a behind the scenes collaborate for companies like advertising agencies and other eLearning developers.


What are some practical applications for eLearning?

Great question! Applications for eLearning vary from client to client, but to provide you with a brief overview of some the things our clients have used eLearning for:

  • New Employee Training
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Product Simulations
  • Medical Simulations
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Marketing & Sales Tools

We like to think that where a manual, brochure, a film, or an instructor would be used we could do better (and more cost effectively) with eLearning. Don’t believe us? Take a few moments to look at some of our work.


How is eLearning different from traditional classroom training?

There are several differences, both in a logistical sense, and in a user sense.

In a logistical sense there is no need for a classroom, an instructor, or for everyone to be in the same location — eLearning can take place all over the world at any time. In addition, when you use eLearning you’re ensuring that your end users are receiving the same, consistent message in an interactive and controlled environment.

From a user standpoint, eLearning is a much more personal and self-driven experience. Since each user directs the course at his or her own pace, information is retained at a higher rate. This is because the next step is not taken until the user is ready.


Is eLearning worth the investment?

While you won’t expect us to say “no”, in plain terms, the ROI is usually positive, regardless of topic. With eLearning overall expenses are often much less than traditional methods of delivery (e.g., no instructors, no travel fees, limited amount of physical space required, etc.), while at the same time, overall results increase (e.g., consistent message, minimal distractions, increased retention of the information, etc.).

In plain terms, it’s profitable to have the information learned and retained. eLearning does this better than any other method you can name.


What types of eLearning interactions are possible?

Our award-winning developers can make your eLearning as interactive as you require. We specialize in developing custom interactions including surgical simulations, role-play scenarios, mini-games, interactive stories and an assortment of knowledge checks and quizzes. On the high end of the interactive spectrum, we’re talking virtual surgery style interaction, and on a lower end, it’s more of a traditional drag and drop story situation, multiple choice quizzes and animated/interactive charts and data. In the end, it comes down to what your goals and objectives for the eLearning are.


Will eLearning replace my current training department/teachers?

Only if you wish it to. Keep in mind that eLearning not only fits seamlessly into your current training environment, it can greatly enhance it. An instructor leading a class of eLearning users (perhaps even encompassing several locations at once) can be very powerful.


What is an LMS?

Many organizations already have an LMS in place. Concisely, LMS refers to software that delivers, manages, and tracks the users’ training. LMS’s can be used in conjunction with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) compliance – and yes, we can develop our programs for either situation.

Don’t have an LMS provider? Let us know and we will do all of the legwork to find one that fits your organization’s size, needs, and budget.


Can you develop SCORM, AICC, or Section 508 compliant courses?

Absolutely! Just let us know which standards you’d like us to make your eLearning courseware compliant with during your initial consultation.


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